It has been a while since I sent out a newsletter but I always like to have something new to say!
It seems like the holidays came very quickly and I certainly hope they were good to you. I wish you a belated Happy and Healthy New Year.
Since my last newsletter, I have added a few more teas to TeaLeafs “Wall of Teas”:

  • Apricot Oolong – Is sweet, floral and fruity!
  • Black Gunpowder –These “black pearls” are aromatic, mild and full bodied with a slightly smoky note. The cup is a medium dark infusion.
  • Chamomile Citrus – Delicious and relaxing Chamomile paired with the perfect amount of citrus.
  • Chamomile Vanilla – Chamomile paired with lemongrass and vanilla creates a soothing and delicious blend

I found some lovely double walled glass mugs in 12oz and 16oz sizes. They are perfect for enjoying the aroma and color of the liquor. What a wonderful way to enhance the tea experience.

For several years I have been carrying “That’s All Mugs”. The company adds new sayings to their collection and I like to add new ones to mine! The newest additions are “From now on, it’s all about me.”, “You can’t pick your family”, “I’m a survivor” and “Chemo-sawbee. You can do this”. Check out my website for the many sayings that are available on the mugs. Besides being funny, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the fight against Ovarian Cancer.
I am always on the lookout for delicious items and I am very proud of the honeys that TeaLeafs has to offer. I discovered another small company that has excellent creamed honey. Stubbees is dedicated to providing the finest artisanal raw honeys infused with organic fruits. They filter their honey once and never pasteurize the honey in order to preserve all of its natural health benefits leaving the honey in its purest form. Just ask for a taste of the Orange, Peach, Strawberry or Cocoa Raw Creamed Honeys and you’ll know why I am thrilled to include Stubbees Honey on TeaLeafs shelves!
Savannah Bee Company is another favorite company of mine. I have added raw Acacia Honey with 100% edible honeycomb. The Acacia honeycomb is suspended in a hexagonal jar surrounded by acacia honey which is one of the most sought after honey varieties. Are you planning a party? Make up a cheese and fruit platter with the honeycomb in the center of the platter. Your guests will enjoy this fabulous treat. In addition, Savannah Bee produces a line of Beeswax Hand Cream. I have been using this product all winter and my hands feel so much better. Therefore, TeaLeafs now carries this wonderful product for you.
There are many more new and unique items at TeaLeafs. Some of them are on my website and others you just have to visit the store to see!!
As always, I want to thank you for your friendship and continued support. I sincerely appreciate it. If you need to ship a gift, keep in mind that I offer free shipping on all orders of $75 and above.
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Till the next time, stay warm, safe and continue to drink good tea.

With warm regards,
Syd Hoffman-Owner