24 Feb 2015
February 24, 2015

TeaLeafs Winter Newsletter

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Winter is here with a vengeance. As I write this newsletter and watch more snow fall, I am truly thankful for fireplaces and lots and lots of delicious hot tea! I have been sampling so many teas and finally found some that I know you will enjoy.

  • Pink Sonoma is a wine inspired White Tea with rose petals, jasmine flowers and natural cabernet flavor. It is a perfect addition to TeaLeafs other wine inspired teas
  • Dragon Well is a Green Tea with a delicious aroma, a mellow floral flavor and a slightly sweet aftertaste
  • Cocomint is a Green Tea that is fresh and cool with a smooth, sweet mint flavor and hints of chocolate
  • Sencha Orange is an Organic Green Tea with a bold orange taste
  • Vanilla Cream Oolong boasts bourbon vanilla rods and natural flavors that blend perfectly with the slightly nutty flavor of the oolong base
  • French Vanilla Puerh is an aged Black Tea with chocolaty bourbon vanilla highlights and a strong coffee finish
  • Chilli Fire Chai is an Herbal Blend with a spicy “On Fire” taste. Perfect for the fireball lover!
  • Pumpkin Spice is a caffeine free Rooibos with just the right amount of spice added to the pumpkin
  • Rose Buds & Petals has light floral notes and a pleasant lingering finish. This caffeine free infusion is perfect alone or added to your favorite white, green, oolong or black tea

I have added more “That’s All” Mugs to TeaLeafs shelves. They have very clever sayings and I always know when someone is looking at them by the giggles I hear. In addition to making people laugh, a portion of all proceeds are donated to the fight against Ovarian Cancer.

While at a Gift Show, I discovered Yoga inspired mugs with yoga poses and sayings. Very cute!!

In my searches, I am very happy to have a discovered mugs Made in the USA. Seeds of Happiness Mugs are delightful mugs with a “seed of happiness” smile face gracing the rim of the mug. What started out as leftover clumps of clay, Seeds of Happiness were made into little smiles to give out to friends who were going through hard times and needed a little smile. Then those friends shared with more friends and so on. The mugs keep the theme going. Clay in Motion is another Made in the USA company with beautiful original handmade pottery. A family owned and operated business, their quality handmade stoneware are works of art. TeaLeafs is proud to carry three sizes of mugs and handwarmer mugs. I know you will be as taken with them as I am.

I have also added new clocks to my “happy wall” as well as “tea”shirts with TeaLeafs logo on the back. Both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts with the saying “my green tea shirt” and “my black tea shirt” on the front of the appropriate color shirt are available. So much fun and so many compliments!!

TeaLeafs is continuing to offer free shipping on all orders of $75 and above.

As always, I want to thank you for your friendship and continued support. It is deeply appreciated. If you haven’t done so, please follow us on Facebook and “Like” TeaLeafs page. I post upcoming events on the page. Also, don’t forget to go to www.tealeafswny.com for additional information and pictures of all of our teas, new items and many of our accessories.

Till the next time, stay warm, safe and continue to drink good tea.

With warm regards,

Syd Hoffman-Owner


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