Hello summer….. and all my TeaLeafs friends.

I recently returned from my annual trip to Las Vegas and the World Tea Expo (I really did work) It was hot, sunny and very dry. I tried many wonderful new teas and added a few new ones to TeaLeafs tea wall:

  • Blue Beauty is a regional specialty tea from Fujian, China. It is an aromatic, sweet, floral and lightly spicy Oolong with a pronounced silky texture. The leaf is tightly rolled with Gingseng and Licorice Root and allows multiple infusions. A beautiful full leaf opens upon steeping. A true delight.
  • Champagne Raspberry has a delicious White Tea base with natural champagne and red raspberry flavors.  Sweet and light.
  • Organic Keemun Panda #1 is a Black Tea with a lovely burgundy depth with light hints of an oak cask.
  • Norfolk Breakfast is a Black Tea with a dark cup and has a full round body, jammy-like character with mellow astringency that turns the cup into an early morning wakeup call.
  • Scottish Breakfast is a Black Tea with a malty full bodied character with bright flavoury notes and hints of oakiness that also provide a dark cup.

I am in the process of taste testing “Guayusa” which is an herbal infusion that is energizing, smooth and rich, with a hint of natural sweetness. It has more caffeine than coffee and more antioxidants than green tea. It is delicious and will soon be available at TeaLeafs.

While in Las Vegas, I found some beautiful Yixing teapots and travel mugs. Yixing Clay has the unique ability to absorb the flavors with the continued use of the same tea. Yixing clay is porous and will become seasoned by the tea leaves, to optimize the tea flavor. The teapots are beautiful and perfect for your favorite tea.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the “Steep & Go” which is designed toward the health conscious person with an active lifestyle. It pairs with disposable water bottles and loose leaf teas. By adding loose leaf tea to your water bottle, you can have a cold water infusion in just 15 minutes. Just put on the reusable, economical and eco-friendly “Steep & Go” water bottle adapter and enjoy your healthy fresh brew at home or on the go.

Be sure and check out the new teabag holders and The Mod Couple Teabag String Holders. So cute!!

With the arrival of summer and hot weather, please keep TeaLeafs in mind for your iced tea needs. New Flash Chill Iced Tea Makers are available and are a perfect way to enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink without any calories. And every tea at TeaLeafs makes a wonderful chilled or hot infusion. If you have any favorite flavors that you are interested in, stop in and we will find the perfect tea for you.

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Stay warm, safe and continue to drink good tea.

With warm regards,

Syd Hoffman-Owner