Finally, blue skies, sun, warm breezes…how we have all been looking forward to this!!! We made it through a very long, cold, blustery, snowy etc, etc, etc winter and now we can start to enjoy Buffalo’s wonderful spring. I love being able to welcome you to TeaLeafs with my front door open.

During the past few months, I have been going through my tea selections and I am starting to eliminate some teas that are not as popular. I apologize if one of those teas was a favorite of yours, but I want to carry only those that will be the freshest for you. Plus, I am always trying my best to stay one step ahead and add new flavors to my tea wall which is almost full!!
I am excited to have added:

  • Lady Lavender Black Tea is an Earl Grey with a hint of lavender, vanilla, orange peel and assorted citruses. Wonderful hot or iced!
  • Violet Black Tea is floral flavored with a deep amber cup. The aroma and flavor remind me of the Violet Candies that my mother-in-law so loved
  • Tung Ting Oolong is a green Oolong from Vietnam.  It has been dried in the sun and then rolled in cylindrical bamboo baskets till the leaves are crushed which starts the fermenting. The tea is then dried producing a glowing green cup with a flowery scent  and a flowery sweet flavor

Gourmet sugars in assorted colors are now available at TeaLeafs. They are perfect for hot tea, iced tea or to decorate cookies.  They also add a special touch to your party table.
When I attend the Atlanta Gift Show I always go to the Gourmet section. On my last visit, I discovered award winning Brownie Brittle snacks.  They are fantastic!!! I carry 3 flavors: chocolate chip, toffee crunch and salted caramel. They are like the crispy part of homemade brownies. Dangerously good  J
While watching a morning news show, I saw a spot about 2 ladies that were on “Shark Tank”. They had a cookie kit that looked very interesting.  I ordered an assortment of those cookie kits and then baked them for my husband and myself.  We were blown away by how good they tasted and I also loved the ease in baking the cookies.  Each ingredient is individually measured and wrapped.  All I needed to do was add melted butter, an egg and cut open the packets of ingredients.  These All Natural Cookie Kits make fresh, delicious cookies with wholesome ingredients. They are convenient, quick and simple with no mess. TeaLeafs now carries oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, gluten free chocolate truffle and gluten free snickerdoodle kits.  I tried them all and they all pass the TeaLeafs test!
I recently ordered a supply of our very popular teapot candles with the knowledge that I will not be able to reorder.  The wonderful company I dealt with merged with another company and the decision was made not to continue the candles.  I am hopeful that at some point I will be able to find a replacement company.
Thanks to you, TeaLeafs is celebrating 6 years of providing top quality loose leaf teas and accessories.  I am very happy to announce the renewal of our lease for another 3 years.  I will continue to search, taste and offer only the best teas and products that I can find.
For those of you who were interested in TeaLeafs “my green tea shirt” and “my black tea shirt”, a new shipment of short sleeve shirts will arrive in the next few weeks.  I love the compliments I get every time I wear mine.
As always, I want to thank you for your friendship and continued support. I sincerely appreciate it.  In gratitude, I will continue to offer free shipping on all orders of $75 and above.
Please follow us on Facebook and “Like” TeaLeafs page. I post the daily sample tea selections along with upcoming events. Also, you can go to for additional information and pictures of all of our teas, new items and many of our accessories.
Till the next time, stay warm, safe and continue to drink good tea.

With warm regards,

Syd Hoffman
-Owner TeaLeafs