How did this happen so quickly? Summer is gone and we’re heading into the fall. Wow, time is flying by. Next thing you know, the holidays will be here
and we’ll be shoveling the “S” word. Yikes!!!
Well, let’s pretend I didn’t write the above and instead I’ll tell you about the new teas that are at Tealeafs!
Blackberry Sage- An Oolong with bold, earthy flavors of blackberries and herbs
Raspberry Rose-A flowery Oolong with juicy raspberries and fragrant notes
Tower of London-Vanilla, natural dried stone fruit flavor (black currant), undertones of honey and a touch of bergamot make this an outstanding black tea
Indigo Punch-A caffeine free Herb & Fruit with flavors of raspberry, citrus and honey. The liquor is a beautiful dark navy!!!
Caramel Cloud-A caffeine free Rooibos with a fusion of caramel, almond and vanilla
Wildberry Honeybush-A caffeine free Herbal with the smooth, sweet flavor of honeybush, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and a hint of rose petal
If you don’t follow me on facebook and haven’t seen my Sugar Skills Sugar Skulls and Sugar Hearts, check out my website. These adorable sugar hearts and sugar skulls are made in the USA by a wonderful woman who lovingly makes them by hand. They are available in original, lemon, vanilla, vanilla cinnamon, cinnamon, raspberry, peach, pumpkin spice and watermelon flavors. They come in packages of three or in a jar.

With the holidays right around the corner, stock up on Savannah Bee Honeycombs. They are wonderful for entertaining. Place the honeycomb on a
serving dish surrounded by different cheeses, fruits and crostini and you’ll have a very easy, impressive and delicious hor d’oeuvre.
They also make a great hostess gift! And don’t forget Savannah Bee lip balm. So helpful in preventing chapped lips.

When you visit TeaLeafs, check out our “clock wall”. Spike the bulldog and Needle and Thread are new and Flower-tea-ful is back.
Ask to see our clock catalogue if you’re interested in a special clock.

TeaLeafs offers a variety of matcha bowls for the matcha lover and ceramic cups with a spoon in the handle. Unique, functional and beautiful.

Each day TeaLeafs offers freshly brewed samples. If you’re in the neighborhood, it’s a wonderful way to try new teas.
I post the flavors of the day on my Facebook page and the entire week of flavors are posted on my website. Stop by for a taste.
We’d love to see you!

As always, I’m on the lookout for new teas and accessories with you in mind.

Thank you for supporting TeaLeafs for the last 10+ years. I am so grateful for your patronage and friendship.

Please “Follow” TeaLeafs on Facebook and “Like” TeaLeafs page. You can also go to for additional information.

Till the next time, stay safe, warm and continue to drink great tea.

With warm regards,
Syd Hoffman-Owner