I love summer.  Blue skies, hot days, iced teas!! And every once in a while, I surprise myself and ice a tea that I usually drink hot and I am blown away by how great it is. That tells me I should always be open to trying my tea in a different way. Think about icing your favorite hot tea.  You may be surprised at the different characteristics that come to the forefront that you may not have been aware of before. A few weeks ago, I attended an International Food Show. My goal was to bring back snacks that would pair well with tea. It was hard work but I survived!  TeaLeafsnow carries the most delicious pretzels in 4 flavors: Dill, Country Ranch, Parmesan & Garlic and English Cheddar.  All Natural Vanilla Walnut Crescents, Maple Cranberry Shortbread, Chocolate & Sea Salt Shortbread and Linzer Cookies along with All Natural & Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons are available. TeaLeafs also carries Anise Almond, Cranberry Ginger, Divine Indulgence Chocolate and Golden Apricot White Chocolate Handmade Biscotti. These “biscotti” are not a “hard” biscotti but have more of a cookie-cake texture with a lot of flavor. There are so many individuals who have gluten issues that I was on a mission to find something for you! Gluten Free Apple Oat, Gluten Free Wild Blueberry, Gluten Free Meyer Lemon and Gluten Free Pumpkin Cranberry Scone Mixes along with Cherry Chocolate, Glazed Maple Oat and Glazed Cinnamon Raisin have been added to the many other varieties of Sticky Finger Scone Mixes. As you know, TeaLeafs carries many varieties of honey. You can now find Bourbon Infused Honey, Vanilla Infused Honey and Whipped Lavender Honey. Be sure and ask for a sample taste. They are amazing. I also discovered Owl’s Brew, a tea crafted for cocktails. This “brew” is fresh-brewed from real, whole spices, fruits & herbs and black tea with no artificial flavors or additives. There are 1/3 (or less) the calories of comparable cocktails and you have the choice of 3 different flavor profiles. By varying the type of alcohol used, the drink combinations are endless! As always, I have added a few new teas to TeaLeafs Wall of Teas.  The newest additions are:

  • Earl Grey Sun-This lovely tea has a dark amber cup with a smooth, refreshing, light peach taste and subtle Earl Grey undertones.
  • Sweet Watermelon Oolong  has a ripe, juicy, thirst quenching taste.
  • Cinnamon Lemongrass Guayusa is an Amazonian blend of energizing Guayusa with full-bodied cinnamon and aromatic lemongrass.

Seeds of Happiness Smile Mugs are available at TeaLeafs. Each mug is made in the USA and are handmade and therefore may vary in size. In addition, small Seeds of Happiness are available. They are little smiles to give out to anyone you want to share a smile with.  A thoughtful way to let someone know you are thinking about them. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and if you have the chance, please stop in and visit us at TeaLeafs. If you haven’t already, please make sure to follow TeaLeafs on Facebook and be sure and “Like” TeaLeafs page. I appreciate your continued friendship and support of TeaLeafs. It is deeply appreciated. And, as always, stay warm, safe and continue to drink good tea.


With warm regards, Syd Hoffman- Owner TeaLeafs