Tea Drops

Tea Drops are organic pressed teas that dissolve in your cup. Comprised of USDA Organic Tea, Spices and lightly sweetened with raw sugar, Tea Drops can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, just by adding water. Each Paulownia Wood Box contains 8 Tea Drops with the Variety Wood Box containing 2 Vanilla White Tea, 2 Citrus Ginger, 2 Sweet Peppermint, 2 Rose Earl Grey.



Step one: Place Tea Drop in your cup

Step 2: Pour in boiling water

Step 3: Stir and enjoy!

Citrus Ginger: Organic (orange peel, ginger, citrus extract, spearmint, raw sugar)

Matcha Green: Organic (matcha green tea, raw sugar)

Rose Earl Grey: Organic (earl grey tea, rose petals, raw sugar)

Chocolate Earl Grey: Organic (cane sugar, earl grey tea, cacao)

Sweet Peppermint: Organic (peppermint leaves, peppermint oil, raw sugar)

Vanilla White: Organic (white peony tea, vanilla extract, cane sugar, raw cane sugar)

Note: Each Tea Drop contains 4-7 grams of sugar depending on the variety


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