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Such a fickle bloom. It can grow a number of places, but the blooms only produce nectar in the Southern Appalachians. Even then you can really only make honey at higher elevations, therefore, the window is extremely small for available bee yards capable of making this beautiful honey, which is arguably the best in the world. The name Sourwood honey certainly belies the taste, and if you are in the know, you will seek out this precious jewel of the honey world.

You may hear beekeepers and honey buyers alike say, “five times as much sourwood is sold than is made.” These words certainly ring true, making it even more difficult for the newly initiated buyers to end up with the real deal in their hands. When you are lucky enough to taste the good stuff, you immediately get an orchestra of flavors in your mouth. Sourwood honey flavors range from maple spice to caramel, to gingerbread. This orchestra of flavor sings together in perfect unison. Good Sourwood honey truly is honey perfection. It is impossible to describe the reaction one gets upon tasting this honey, but when you do, there is no doubt that it is your favorite honey. If you get the incredible, pure stuff, it is the best thing you have ever tasted in your life.

The Southern Appalachians are the tallest of all East Coast mountains. They are completely forested and display endless shades of green during the midsummer season when Sourwood trees bloom. Deep stands of Sourwood trees provide a spectacle of white blossoms bejeweling long fingers at every stem tip. Those little white bells are the source of love for honeybees during their furious summer fling. The fruits of their courtship, when cared for by the master Sourwood maker, should be valued more than gold.

One characteristic of Sourwood honey is that its beauty fades fairly quickly. So you want to eat the Sourwood honey within the first year or two following harvest, for that music in your mouth will one day be playing out of tune. Even after two years, Sourwood honey is still good, sometimes even great, but you will nostalgically remember the golden time when Summer was in full swing and there was a halo glowing around everything as if Heaven were right here on Earth.
Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve captures all the qualities of the world’s finest Sourwood honey. Savannah Bee Company is so confident in the absolute quality of this Sourwood honey that Ted, the beekeeper, personally signed and numbered each bottle. Savannah Bee Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve is extremely limited and will not be available very long!
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