Runa Guayusa

The unique “forest gardens” in which guayusa grows are tended to by Kichwa farmers, an indigenous people of the Amazon. So by drinking one simple beverage you are both helping to preserve the rainforest and supporting independent farmers. And that’s just the beginning of what makes the guayusa leaf so incredible. Guayusa's biological construct comes with a lot of benefits. One is that the caffeine releases more slowly into your body compared to the coffee. This makes the energy it provides last longer and finish in a smooth landing. Another is the low levels of acidity and tannins, that allow our drinks to have no, or less, sugar and still be sweet. All RUNA products are Fair Trade Certified™ which means a fair price is paid to the farmers. Additionally, all of the guayusa they produce is certified organic. It’s all a part of why RUNA, LLC is a B-corporation. ‘B’ stands for “Benefit” and it means that we have legally-defined goals to have a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment



Traditional Guayusa tea has nearly twice the antioxidants of Green Tea with 38 mg caffeine

Mint Guayusa tea has nearly twice the antioxidants of Green Tea with 24 mg caffeine



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