Owl’s Brew- A Tea Crafted for Cocktails



Owl’s Brew is a tea crafted for cocktails. They are fresh-brewed from real, whole spices, fruits and herbs with no artificial flavors and no additives.  They have 1/3 (or less) the calories of comparable cocktails and are brewed with purified water. They are a “do it yourself” cocktail using 2 parts brew to 1 part booze.

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The Classic is fresh-brewed English Breakfast with lemon peel. Flavor Profile: English Breakfast with a tart twist. Sweetened with pure agave. Pair it with: Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Wheat Beer. Pink & Black is fresh-brewed with Darjeeling, strawberries, lemon peel & hibiscus. Flavor Profile: Darjeeling with a hint of hibiscus. Sweetened with pure agave. Pair it with: Tequila, Whiskey, Amber Ale, White Wine. Coco-Lada is fresh-brewed with Black Tea, chai spices, pineapple & coconut. Flavor Profile: Sweet with a spicy kick, rounded out by coconut. Sweetened with pure agave. Pair it with: Spiced Rum, Champagne, Vodka, Stout Beer. White and Vine is a blend of white tea, pomegranate, lemon peel and watermelon. Flavor Profile: White Tea’s clean, light flavor notes paired with refreshing watermelon.Pair it with: Tequila, Vodka, Gin or Wheat Beer. Grapefruit Collins is fresh-brewed lemon verbena with black pepper and grapefruit. Pair it with Gin, White Rum or Tequila. Mulling Spices is fresh-brewed Mulling Spices with cranberry and apple. Pair it with Spiced Rum, Red Wine or Champagne. Salted Caramel Toddy is fresh-brewed white tea and black tea with sea salt and caramel. Pair with Whiskey, Rum, Brandy or Champagne

Use your imagination and try your favorite booze and create your own brew.

Always be smart. Don’t drink and drive

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The Classic, Pink & Black, Coco-Lada, White and Vine, Salted Caramel Toddy, Grapefruit Collins, Mulling Spices


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