Fresh Origins Flower, Herb and Fruit Crystals


Hand harvested at the peak of flavor and color, whole fresh herbs and edible flowers are combined with pure cane sugar to lock in their natural, just-picked flavor. The colors are beautiful. The flavors are unique. The crispy crunchy texture is extraordinary yet dissolves readily in tea.

No added color. No added flavor. No preservatives.

Sweeten tea in a distinctive and delicious new way!



Product Description

Fennel Flower Crystals- Yellow-gold Fennel Flower Crystals with a delicious fresh Fennel flavor- 3oz.

Hibiscus Flower Crystals- Ruby red Hibiscus Flower Crystals with a sweet-tart Hibiscus flavor- 3oz.

Rose Flower Crystals- Beautiful Rose Flower Crystals with a delicate Rose flavor- 3oz.

Cranberry Fruit Crystals- Rich ruby Cranberry Fruit Crystals with a delicious Cranberry flavor- 4oz.

Mint Herb Crystals-Vibrant green Mint Herb Crystals with a delicious fresh Mint flavor- 3oz..

Pumpkin Spice Fruit Crystals-Light brown Pumpkin Fruit Crystals that tastes and smells like Pumpkin Pie~ SEASONAL- 4oz.


Additional Information


Fennel, Cranberry, Hibiscus, Rose, Mint, Pumpkin Spice


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