TeaLeafs is now carrying Anuschka hand-painted quality leather handbags and wallets. Each product captures the dedication and passion of the Basu family and their talented artists and craftsmen. Anuschka is a perfect combination of design, quality, wearability and art.

Crafting an Anuschka takes a unique production process. Experts carefully examine and hand select premium, fine-grain cowhide before handcutting the design to be stitched. Craftsmen hand assemble and meticulously stitch each bag before the hand painting process begins. Artists work together to bring sketches to life by hand painting bold artwork onto each piece. Art checkers inspect each finished piece before it leaves the studio. A Basu family member hand signs “Anuschka” reflecting their commitment to quality and authenticity.

The Basu family has upheld its commitment to provide local villagers with the opportunity to earn a living using their skills. Their adherence to Fair Trade policies ensure their employees are paid higher wages than other similarly skilled workers in India and are offered comprehensive health insurance and retirement benefits. Champions for education, the Basus promote learning for both their employees and their families. When you purchase an Anuschka, you become part of the company’s story helping to better the lives of others.

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  • Anuschka Two Fold Wallet
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  • Anuschka Triple Compartment Crossbody
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  • Anuschka Smartphone Wallet with Removable Crossbody Strap
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  • Anuschka RFID Blocking Accordion Flap Wallet
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  • Anuschka Organizer Wallet
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  • Anuschka Mini Sling Organizer
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  • Anuschka Medium Bucket Hobo
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  • Anuschka Leather Protector
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  • Anuschka Classic Hobo with Side Pockets
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  • Anuschka Classic Hobo with Side Pockets
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