TeaLeafs provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere to explore all of our different varieties of tea.  We have a sample wall available for those who would like to smell and experience the teas before picking their favorite to steep at home.  In addition to loose leaf teas, TeaLeafs also offers top quality boxed teas, honeys, sugars, tea accessories such as teapots, mugs, cup and saucers, and even children’s tea sets.

TeaLeafs was opened in May of 2009 by a husband and wife who had an epiphany while on vacation.  They found a charming little store in a touristy area and purchased a spice gift for friends and the response when they gave the gift was that this item is something you wouldn’t find in Buffalo. Light bulbs went off and they began sampling spices and rubs. They decided to attend an International Food Convention to meet different vendors from around the world and while there, they were handed a cup of tea to try. Having never tasted anything but a well-known tea bag company, they were blown away by the magnificent taste of a “wonderful” loose leaf tea. They knew at that moment that they found what they wanted to do, sell high quality loose leaf tea. The rest is history.

Tea Leafs changed owners in 2020 when a local Buffalo resident did not want to see the shop close and instead wanted to keep the high quality of tea in the Buffalo area and continue the TeaLeafs Brand.  There are currently 220 varieties of loose leaf teas from around the world in the shop and every tea is personally tasted before it is brought into the store with new samples being tasted every week.  The teas will continue to evolve as will the shop so stayed tuned in 2020 to see the new teas, new items, and even some new events roll out.