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Here at TeaLeafs we strive to educate our customers and help them discover the world of tea that we are so passionate about. We are a place to gather together, learn together, and steep together.

Serving the Specialty Tea Market Since 2009

Tea is an artform. From the aroma that rises from the tin, to the colors that blend as it steeps, to the flavors we taste in every sip, each step awakens our senses and adds to the experience. In store, we can guide you through this experience starting with our sample wall. Here you can smell and explore the teas before picking your favorite to steep at home. We can also help you find the best kettles, cups, and honeys to steep your perfect cup just the way you like it.

Our History

TeaLeafs is owned and operated by Justine Duquette but if you ask her it takes a village to run the place and it really is the work of not only her employees but her family and friends as well. Owning a business was always part of her plan and tea was a passion for her. Growing up she always watched her mom drink Lipton black tea. While she watched her mom drink it every day with a splash of milk, or really milk with a splash of tea, she never liked it. It was bland and boring and not for her young palette. It wasn’t until she was older and lived in London that tea became a true part of her life. While exploring her favorite spot in London, the Camden Locks, she found a tea vendor selling more types of tea than she ever could have imagined. She left the shop that day with Gunpowder Mint and White Chocolate tea and a newfound curiosity. After that day tea was a daily occurrence and she never stopped learning more about it and trying new ones when she could. It became so ingrained in her life that while all of her MBA classmates were drinking coffee she powered up on tea, graduated, and learned the business skills she needed to run a shop like TeaLeafs.

When the original owners of TeaLeafs decided to sell the shop after 11 years, Justine knew she had to take the opportunity to combine her passions for tea and business. Today she is excited about the new possibilities within the shop and looks forward to growing her team and bringing new selections and events to the shop in 2020. The hope is to create a space for people to gather together, learn together, and steep together.

Our Promise to You

Our tea is thoughtfully sourced from around the world and brought to you in the freshest way possible. We are here to answer any questions to help guide you through your tea experience and promise to be with you every steep of the way.



All origin and ingredient information is available along with instructions on how to steep each cup to perfection.


High Quality

Tea is sourced from multiple places and samples are tested before coming in the shop to ensure the highest quality of blends.


Transparent Labeling

All tea descriptions are labeled for dietary restrictions and sustainable practices.


Always Fresh

All tea is packaged for you at the time of ordering and never beforehand.

Only The Best Quality of Tea

Our tea is sourced from five different continents, sampled for quality assurance before coming into the shop, and is always packaged fresh for your to order. We only carry tea that we would happily share a cup of with our family and friends.

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